Cowboy Sam

My five-year-old son loves anything to do with cowboys. He’s a huge fan of Roy Rogers, the Range Rider and the Lone Ranger. He loves to imitate these characters. He often wears a button down shirt, a handkerchief, and anything he can find, attempting to look like his heroes.

This week I took time to make a cowboy vest for him, using pieces taken from the “rag bin” blue jeans, and Butterick pattern 9794. I mixed sections of blue and black jeans.

I lined this vest with sections from an old Polo shirt that belonged to my husband. Inside the vest hides the Polo horse.

Sam was thrilled and spent a good part of the day cantering about the front yard and playing out what he knows of the life of a cowboy.

Later I decided to make a second vest and try to improve the fit. The first vest fit, but was slightly short. My husband also noted that the shoulder seam should really be a few inches below the shoulder line, so that the stress point would not be in the same place where a lasso would be carried.

So I redrafted the pattern with a proper back yoke and placing the seam about 3 1/2 inches below the shoulder line to the front. I used Fabric Finders’ Indigo Denim and lined it with Fabric Finders’ Chambray. The hand-cut tassles are made using the back side of the fabric for constrast and spritzing them with a bleach solution.

The second vest also includes a little more length to go below his waistline, giving my cowboy more warmth as the cool weather comes to Minnesota.


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