Emma with “Roses All Around”


Cyndy shares this adorable picture of her granddaughter, Emma, wearing the shoulder button bishop dress that she made for her with the “Roses All Around” smock plate.  See an earlier post for more details on this dress.


2 thoughts on “Emma with “Roses All Around”

  1. I am smocking Roses All Around on a bishop and I wanted to know if you remember which rows you back smocked. Thanks Holly

    • Hello Holly,

      How exciting to hear about your project.

      I checked with Cyndy, who created the Roses All Around dress. She verified there is no back smocking on this dress. Back smocking would distort the elastic effect of the bishop neck line. You would run the risk of creating a “turtle neck”.

      Typically, a bishop neck line may have a row (or two as you see in this example) of cable stitches near the neck line, but all subsequent rows would be created with more elastic stitches, like the trellis stitch. This allows the fabric to relax and flow into the skirt portion.

      Since the dress has two rows of cable stitches on the front, there is no need for back smocking.

      I hope that helps.

      Best to you,


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