The Waseca County Fair 2012

My girls have been very busy this week, working to finish their projects for the Fair. I must say, it was a Fun week, working with each of my four girls, one-on-one. All of my girls are old enough now to handle the sewing machine independently. Honestly, though, I have felt like the time flies by, and I have not worked with each one as much as I would like; so I am trying to be more intentional. Making a 4-H project was a great chance to plan such an opportunity.

The 4-H County Fair is something we began participating in after moving to “out state” Minnesota about three years ago. Waseca is a sweet town of around 9,000 people. We also happen to live within walking distance from the fairgrounds. We have enjoyed walking to the various club activities during the spring and summer months.

All of the kids’ projects were due today between 1:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. for the first round of judging. It has been an unusually hot week for Minnesota. (I think we were all melting!) Grand and Reserve Champion placements will be awarded during the evening tonight. We look forward to seeing the results in the next few days.

I’ll start with my 7 year old, Rachel, who made a simple gathered skirt in a purple pique. She is considered a Clover Bud, which means she is part of the category for kids younger than third grade, and this is her first skirt. She has a sweet determination of her own with sewing projects; that I love. With some instruction, she was able to complete each step of the project. She also included a machine embroidery floral design on the front of the skirt.

Madeline made a gored skirt in an olive pique. She is heading into the 5th grade this year, and this is the first gored skirt she has made. She learned how to do French seams and attach elastic to the waist with a serger, along with how to finish a hem.

Lydia made a sweet baby top from Sew Beautiful issue 141. She completed the Shadow Work embroidery after attending a class taught by Cyndi Spencer, a member of our Lakes & Prairies Smockers chapter of the Smocking Arts Guild of America. Lydia loved this skill and went on to create this little top. It’s hard to see in my picture, but we loved the way this little top came together easily and has a very adorable back view in the way it crosses over its layers. It is made with heirloom batiste and is fully lined.

My oldest daughter, Hannah, age 13, made a dress that was inspired by the “heirloom sewn” dress from “Two Faces of Easter,” also in Sew Beautiful magazine, issue 141. This is from the Pascale pattern, and she chose to use Fabric Finders’ aqua heirloom batiste. The lace overlay is French Val lace; some of which we had in our stash, and some we ordered from Capitol Imports. It is smocked with the “Lauren Marie” smock plate from Peanut Butter & Jelly Kids. This is a dress that she has been dreaming up for several months, but began to pursue making it just a few weeks ago. It is her first attempt at a “dreamy” heirloom dress. She had a great time with it, and Rachel is the fortunate recipient of her efforts.

The girls each had to present their project to a “judge,” who sits with them and asks several questions to see how much they know about their project. I have appreciated the way the judges interact with my kids. It’s a good experience for them.


2 thoughts on “The Waseca County Fair 2012

  1. County fairs offer so many great opportunities for children to shine. I love seeing what they have made and worked so hard on. Regardless of what they win, they should know that they did a fabulous job and learned a lot. Good work, Girls!

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