Vintage Bubble

It is very true that in the first year of a little one’s life, it’s busy.  Some would say it takes a year to catch up.  There is little time for creating the luxuries that come to mind (some days).

I am thankful for the friend who said, “I didn’t make all of the things that I dreamt of when my kids were little.”

So it is, and all the more, I am excited about this bubble.


I had a lot of fun making it for Ben, who is now nearly 9 months old.  This bubble is made using Wendy Schoen’s pattern, “Vintage Baby Bubbles,” in the Marcelo view.  It comes in sizes 3 to 24 months. Something smart and adorable about this pattern; it looks like a little jacket with baby shortalls, but it’s all one piece.  

This was my first attempt at Madeira Applique by hand, which is the technique used to attach the brown houndstooth bunny and the orange carrot to the jacket. This technique is something I had never tried before. That is something I love about sewing; there are many areas to explore, from gorgeous traditions in hand techniques to modern capabilities with the computer-aided sewing machine. I thought Wendy’s instructions were very clear and easy to follow; though I would love to study under her someday.

I appreciated how quickly this pattern went together; just a few hours one afternoon.  Nice! for a mom with a little one.

The fabric I used is Fabric Finders’ white pique and olive pique, and it is lined with white heirloom batiste.

Benny wore it on Father’s Day.

P.S. In response to Janice Ferguson’s sweet request, here is a casual picture that includes Ben, with his sister Rachel and brother Sam.


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