Bunny for Ben

Lydia, my 12-year-old daughter, created a pair of baby overalls, Burda style,

for her brother, Ben.

Here he is, sitting up; a brand-new skill at six months old!

Lydia used Pfaff’s 4D Embroidery software to design the front pocket with his nickname, “Benny”. She stitched her design with the Pfaff Creative embroidery machine on white pique. Fabric Finders’ Fine Wale Corduroy made the overalls very soft and comfortable on a cool Spring day.

An advantage of the “bib” of the overalls is that, even though Ben is a “drool machine” right now, he stayed dry!

This project gave us an opportunity to try out a new tool, Havel’s buttonhole cutter. We are very excited about this tool. It is similar in shape to a chisel, only much more thin, and cuts straight through the buttonhole. It took the fear out of cutting the fabric beneath the buttonhole stitches. We also love the Havel seam ripper with its precise, sharp and replaceable blades. As with all sharp tools used in sewing, it should be used with caution and parental supervision as needed.

The overall’s back view is pretty cute too.


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