Rachel’s New Winter Outfit

After all the Christmas decorations were returned to their place and we settled back into our normal routine, we made a little time to finish a winter outfit for Rachel.

The sweater is a variation of the cardigan pattern from the book, Top Down for Toddlers, by Deb & Lynda Gemmell. I altered the sleeves, bringing them in just a little, and added a lace border on the lower edge. It is made of an alpaca and wool blend found at Smitten with Knittin in Waseca, Minnesota. Rachel chose the golden rose buttons.

The skirt is a variation of the tiered skirt in Kwik Sew’s Sewing for Children pattern book by Kerstin Martensson. I used my pleater to gather the tiers, rather than my sewing machine, which saved a significant amount of time. This means one pass through the pleater creating even gathers verses several rounds of stitching with a sewing machine. Fine wale corduroy by Fabric Finders sails through the pleater beautifully (available at Blumenkinder Heirlooms).

Two pieces can go through the pleater, one after another, eliminating re-threading the needles.

The gathered tiers are manipulated to fit the higher tier.

The tiers are carefully sewn together, matching side seams.

Elastic is added at the top, and a hem on the bottom. This was a fun, fast and easy project.

I spotted this color combination in a recent issue of Sew Beautiful and knew it would be a wise addition to Rachel’s clothing for the winter months of Minnesota. We were at 18 degrees yesterday!

I love to see her smile!


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