My Pleater Board

Just when my husband thought that I was taking an exciting correspondence course through the Smocking Arts Guild of America, he finds himself cutting, sanding, gluing and varnishing lovely oak in his workshop.

This is the beautiful pleater board that he made for me!

It’s a wonderful tool that holds my Super Amanda Jane pleater straight and securely in place, it cradles the fabric rod evenly, and holds all the bobbins neatly.  All of this allows me to focus on carefully feeding the fabric into the pleater to the best of my human ability.

Thank you, Honey.

If you would like instructions for making your own pleater board, send an email to Nancy Malitz at and type “pleater board” in the subject heading.

Would you like one made especially for your pleater?  My husband will gladly custom-make one for you for $50 plus shipping and handling.  He also offers a ply-wood version with oak accents for $30 plus shipping and handling.  See our Pleater Board page for more details.

(Please excuse my camera’s inability to get a date right.  Pleater was finished by 11/13, my birthday.)



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