A bishop for a niece

My family is rejoicing about the birth of Naomi Hope, born on Friday, December 12, to my brother and his wife who live in Michigan.  Knowing that this baby girl was on her way, I decided to make a delicate pink batiste dress for her, and as my final project for a correspondence course I am taking through SAGA (the Smocking Arts Group of America) on advanced stitches.

From the many stitches available, I chose to use the open and closed herringbone stitches and the barbed trellis stitch.  Advanced stitches are not necessarily difficult.  They are English smocking stitches that have been rarely or never published into a smock plate.

My next step:  bind the collar.  Since this picture was taken, I managed to attach the bias binding to the collar after taking a couple deep breaths.  I just need to whip stitch it in place to the back.  I find binding a bishop collar to be a delicate and sometimes challenging task.  It’s an art.  But, “practice makes perfect.”



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